Lenten Reflections

March 1st – Second Sunday of Lent

“This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” And listen they did. From that moment on, Peter, James, and John were ardent followers, forsaking everything to follow in their Master’s footsteps. Like the psalmist crying, “O Lord, I am your servant,” the three disciples committed themselves to lives of incredible hardship and indescribable joy. After…


VIDEO: Gods Dream For You

“Everyone knows something about God, but when we really encounter God, most of us discover that he is not like we thought. You may know about God, but now it’s time to get to know God. And you may discover that much of what you thought you knew was wrong.” Check out the video here.


Treasures From Our Traditions

Within the tradition of the Christian church, there are differing ways of observing a Lenten fast. For Eastern Catholics and Orthodox, the discipline is close to our  understanding of “abstinence.” Certain foods are eliminated from the diet entirely. The rules are basically monastic rules, and the customs of a monastery table are embraced in the…

The Week Ahead at Assumption
Latest News

A Message From Deacon Paul Bezaire

Five months ago, I shared with you my diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Many of you have offered kind words of encouragement and an assurance of prayers. In addition though, I heard the stories about the many parishioners who are facing similar struggles. The list of people on my prayer list grew many times over! The…


Thank You!

On behalf of Fr. Don McLeod and the staff of our Lady of Assumption Parish,we extend our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Mr. Douglas Krystia, Managing Funeral Director, Janisse Funeral Home for always being there for our Parish Community, and especially for all you did to make Fr. Dan Chui’s Memorial Mass a lasting memory…