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November 30th – First Sunday of Advent

“Watch!” This word occurs three times in today’s Gospel passage. Moreover, it is placed at significant points: the beginning, the center, and the end. Though this is technically a parable, it is quite short (four verses). The threefold repetition of “watch” leaves no doubt as to what the story is about. We often think of…

November 23rd – Christ The King

Sheep are high-maintenance animals. They are not very intelligent. Without guidance and care, especially in a climate like Israel’s, they would die quickly from predators, starvation, or just their own slowness. The scriptural image of us as the Lord’s flock is not terribly flattering to us, since it is only the never-ending diligence of a…

November 16th – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Letters of Paul to the Thessalonians are among his earliest writings, and are driven by his belief and the belief of the entire early Christian community that the return of Christ was imminent. Therefore, to devote time or attention to anything else was foolish. As time progressed, this fervor receded a bit. Today we…

The Week Ahead at Assumption

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Eat Drink Merry - B

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Campus Ministry and Assumption Parish will be hosting the event Eat, Drink, And Be Merry on November 26th.


Christmas Bazaar

The Assumption Parish Mission Club will be holding their annual Christmas Bazaar on Friday November 28th from 5pm to 7pm and on Saturday November 29th from 9am to 1pm. Lower level of Assumption Parish-McEwan Campus – 711 McEwan Avenue


The Little Blue Books

The Season of Advent begins on November 30, 2014. Advent is the “New Year” for our Church and is a time of waiting for the Lord united in the joy of the Gospel to encourage us in our own preparation to welcome the infant Jesus at Christmas. To help us prepare, our Parish is inviting…