The Assumption Parish Mission Club would like to thank the parish for their generosity in the Baby Bottle fundraising drive for Our Lady of Guadalupe Home.

We raised $3,945.30!

Assumption parish will be in a family with St. Alphonsus and St. Angela Merici.  Once fully implemented, there will be one pastor and twoe associates in our family, one of whom will need to speak Italian.

So what does this mean for us? At the moment, it only means that we get used to the idea.  The next step in the process is for each of the parishes in a given family to come to know the others — each partner’s origins and story, strengths and weaknesses, plans and projects, challenges and needs. The intent in this what might be called “Getting to know you” phase is to foster a sense of community even in the differences, to begin to build a relationship and trust, and eventually to cultivate a spirit of communion, whereby the family appreciates the call to share of themselves within, outside and beyond itself.

Gradually the communities within the family will be urged to share ministry and formation resources and eventually to undertake a project of mission beyond the family, one that all the parishes can share in equally — a project that is outward focused toward the larger Church or the larger community, and a project that benefits others beyond the parishioners or the parishes involved.

Fine more information on the Dicoese of London website.

The Assumption Parish Mission Club extends a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who made our yard sale such a success! We raised over $3,000 for the Catholic Missions in Canada, as well as missions in Haiti, Mexico and Peru. Your continued support of events like these make it possible for us to spread the love of Christ to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Please consider helping with hospitality hour after Mass. It’s a once-a-month commitment.

Bring a friendly smile and help set up & serve coffee and deserts.

For more information contact Carmen Archibald by leaving a message at the Parish office.

Near the main entrance to the church, within reach for little ones, are tote bags containing church related activities: coloring books, crayons and pencils, books to read… These are intended for young children. Encourage them to take a tote on the way in. Please be sure to return it on your way out so that other children can enjoy them too!


A number of parishioners have signed up for our 25/35 Greeters Ministry, but more are most welcome! If you’d like to know more please contact Kevin at, or call the office and ask for Kevin Mannara.

“I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:35