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Congratulations to our 19 youth who received the sacrament of Confirmation this past Monday! We had such a great celebration, with Bishop Joseph Dabrowski presiding. I thank all the students who came so faithfully throughout the year, as well as their sponsors, their parents, and in a very special way, their catechists, Mike DeNunzio and Denis Roy. I know that the year required perseverance and commitment. I pray that the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen each one of you as you continue your journey through life.

Last weekend’s celebration of Pentecost, followed by the Confirmations, highlighted the Christian concept that our God is far more complex than just a “simple being.” In fact, I think that the feast of the Holy Trinity, more than anything else, is the feast for Christians. Of course, Christmas and Easter are the ones we really celebrate, as we should. Lately, though, I’ve become more and more aware of the implications of Trinity. When I was a little boy, I learned about three Persons in one God, and accepted that as fact. I learned about how St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the concept of Trinity to the Irish, and that made sense. Maybe the first prayer my mother taught me was the Sign of the Cross. In a sense, Trinity was just something I accepted, knowing that how there can be three Persons yet one God is “mystery” and I will never fully comprehend it.

In these past few years, however, thanks to some writers like Fr. Richard Rohr, I have become fascinated by the concept of Trinity. I know that I will never grasp the whole concept, yet I think it was indeed the Holy Spirit who guided the early Church to come to this terminology to describe our one God. For, the Trinity is relationship. It means that our God is not just some static entity, but rather a dynamic interaction, based in love, of Three who are, in a sense, so “synchronized” with each other that they are One. It is how John could write that God is love, and that if we love we abide in God and God in us. What a beautiful gift God gives us! Our relationships with one another can somehow lead us into relationship with God. And in those interactions, somehow we can be God’s presence to others, and they God’s presence to us. How different our world would be if we could come to live the implications of this! Think of the respect, the love, and the care that we would show one another. I pray that our very God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—grace each of you with a renewed sense of awe at the wonders of the God who loves us.