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For years, the future of Assumption church has been an open question. My desire to resolve it has been a priority throughout this time, but I haven’t succeeded. Recently, Mr. Paul Mullins, who practises law here in Windsor, and who may be known to some of you, approached me for a discussion regarding what is still the unanswered question in the minds of many people: What’s going to happen to Assumption church? Mr. Mullins came forward to propose a way to arrive at an answer.

Most of you are aware of the two attempts to have fund-raising campaigns. When Mr. Mullins approached me with his idea for an analysis, I thought it worthy of consideration by a group of advisors including Fr. Maurice Restivo and people from the Diocesan Centre. This small group felt it would be good to look at the whole picture, including:

 the history of the fund-raising campaigns;

 their successes and failures; and

 all the options open for providing pastoral care in the northwest section of Windsor.

An analysis, as proposed by Mr. Mullins, would include a thorough study of all these questions – and more that may arise – with as broad a group as possible to include all the stakeholders of Assumption parish:

 from parishioners to parish staff;

 from the city of Windsor to the county of Essex;

 from Assumption University to the University of Windsor; and

 whoever else can be identified as a “stakeholder” in the parish.

All of these need to be consulted, and their input sought, to make this analysis thorough and transparent.

With support from Fr. Restivo and the parishioners of Assumption parish, I have accepted Mr. Mullins’ offer to undertake this independent analysis. It is my hope that this will lead to a definitive answer about the future of Assumption parish, its location, and buildings, and that we will finally have resolution to this long-term question. It is important for the well-being of this great historic parish that we find a solution that permits us to move forward. Mr. Mullins, by the way, will be offering his services without charge as a gift to the community and the diocese.

May the Holy Spirit guide all who participate in this process, and may the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of the Assumption, intercede for this important work!