Li’l Saints!

The Li’l Saints meet during Sunday morning 11:00 am mass! The children come together to read the Gospel and then creatively use activities such as arts and crafts to better explain it to them. At special times of the year there are activities to engage them and help them learn about our faith. For example, during Advent they helped to light the Advent wreath candles and at Christmas they brought baby Jesus to the manger. At Pentecost the children made Tongues of Fire headbands and in May they created a flower crown for Mother Mary!

The Lil Saints group is an excellent way to get your children involved in something fun and engaging while the adults are enjoying the Sunday morning mass. Any children from ages 3 to 7 are welcome to join us! We are also currently looking for adult volunteers so if you are interested in serving the parish by  working with these awesome young kids please contact Paula Rankin by leaving a message at the parish office. We would be grateful to have your help! We look forward to having your children join us at Li’l Saints!

Youth Catechesis

Also known as “Children of the Light”, this comprehensive youth ministry provides catechesis and religious formation for children, ages 8 to 18.

Registration is in September of each year, with programming starting in October.  Children gather every Monday evening for a common meal, followed by small group gatherings according to their age.

The program runs until April.

Volunteers are always encouraged, as they are needed to take care of the large amount of participants.